3 reasons not to watch The Big Bang Theory


I have never understood all the hype behind CBS’s show, The Big Bang Theory. Both fans and critics have given it positive reviews since its creation.

In my humble opinion, I think that the show is absolute garbage. It honestly escapes me as to why the it is both so popular, and critically acclaimed.

Whatever the reason may be, here are my three reasons why it should not be nearly as popular as it is.

1. It is a Disney Channel show for adults.

All the actors deliver their lines quickly and loudly. It is highly obnoxious, and closely resembles the acting talent found on shows like That’s So Raven or Drake and Josh.

Here’s what I think the creators originally thought when coming up with the concept for the show: “What would happen if we took semi-adult content, and slapped in on top of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody? That script would pretty much write itself!”

Speaking of writing, and scripts that pretty much write themselves…

2.  The writing is atrocious.

Big Bang Theory scripts could be mass produced by a computer that randomizes nerdy characters and various situations, and be just as funny.

From what I’ve seen of the show, which I think is enough to assume that the rest is pretty similar, all the writers do is throw nerdy people in weird scenarios and see what happens.

I mean, even I can do it.

What would happen if a bunch of nerds accidentally ate a bunch of pot brownies? Wouldn’t that be hilarious?

Oh wait a minute… that’s already the plot of an episode from season 3.

3. It perpetuates dumb blonde stereotypes.

Penny, the girlfriend of the what’s-his-face, nerd number 2 character, is an attractive blonde (way out of her companion’s league, might I add, which also adds to the popular television belief that unattractive men can have super models for girlfriends), who is always made to look like the fool amongst a bunch of fools.

She always says something stupid, which leads to one of the nerds, mostly the tall, what’s-his-face, nerd number 1 character, going on a rant about how whatever she just said is scientifically inaccurate and insulting to… whatever, what’s your butt, video game, something, Star Trek.

So there you have it. Three solid reasons why The Big Bang Theory is the worst popular show on television right now. Hate me or love me for writing this – it’s just my opinion.

(slash the truth)

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